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What We Do


Combat Skills Training Group is a Veteran owned company that provides current tactical and firearms training to the military, law enforcement and private citizens. 

Our staff is comprised of current Special Operations and SWAT Officers.  With our unique perspective from both the Military and Law Enforcement we can provide you and your team with the best training available. 

Our goal at Combat Skills is to help you improve your tactical skills to insure that you and your team succeed when called upon.


Combat Skills Training Group
540 West Iron Ave, Suite 105
Mesa, Arizona 85210

Bob Nesbitt
Lyle Burton
Lyman Anderson


Wounded Warrior



A Few Words About Us

Bob Nesbit

Bob Nesbit is a 18-year veteran of the Mesa Police Department where he is currently a full time SWAT Team Leader. He has been a member of the full time SWAT team for the last 15 years as an operator, Assistant Team Leader, and Team Leader.

The Mesa PD SWAT Team averages 150 calls per year and was recognized nationally as a model agency by the NTOA. Bob has been a member of the U.S. Army Reserve and National Guard since 1988. He has been a member of the 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne) since 1998 and has served as a Special Forces Team Commander, Company Commander and Operations Officer.

Bob is a graduate of SFARTAETC and has been a primary instructor for the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course. He served two combat tours as an S.F. Team Commander in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq where he was a member of the Iraqi National Counter Terror Force Transition Team and advisor to the Iraqi Special Operations Forces.

Bob at CombatSkills.US

Lyle Burton

Officer Lyle Burton is a 20 Year veteran of law enforcement in Arizona. He is currently the senior Assistant Team Leader assigned to a full time SWAT team. Lyle has been a SWAT Officer with his Department for the past sixteen years.

Lyle is an AZPOST certified instructor, Firearms instructor, and is a senior SWAT instructor. In the course of participating in hundreds of high risk calls.

Lyle has received his departments Medal of Honor, the Pat Tillman Courage Award, and twice selected as the SWAT Officer of the year.

Lyle at CombatSkills.US



Lyman Anderson

Lyman Anderson is an 18-year veteran of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, where he is currently assigned as an Assistant Team Leader and the Training Coordinator of the agencies Special Weapons and Tactics, Full Time Team. 

As a member of the full time SWAT team he has served as an entry operator, Assistant Team leader, Sniper and Sniper Team leader.  He has coordinated all aspects of the Units basic SWAT School for the last 8 years. 

He is a certified instructor in SWAT tactics, firearms, select-fire carbine, precision rifle, rappel master, defensive tactics, taser, use of force, and raid planning.

Lyman at CombatSkills.US

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